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Nikibiki gets a Makeover


That's right! Nikibiki Camisoles, Camisole Dresses/Slips and 1" Tank Tops just got better!

 We are are saving more with our vendor now, and are sharing the savings with you!

  • Top Picks for Spring 2017 Hair Styles

    Top Picks from the Runway: Spring 2017

    Well, you saw the colors last week, so lets talk about hair this week! There were many options to choose from on the runway this spring, but these are our top picks featured above.

    Featured on the left is the bun. Simple. Clean. Easy. Even with short hair you can pull off a low bun. 

    The center photo shows loose waves pinned back lightly. The style is care free, and effortless, especially for all you ladies with naturally wavy hair. Those of us with stick straight hair, we will have to try using some salt spray; that normally gives my hair nice wave to it.

     On the right, we have the braided and twisted ponytail; this hairstyle is reserved for the ladies with nice long hair. It's a great way to pull your hair back with some spunk versus the easy go-to ponytail. 

    Have another style that you like for this spring? Share with us! If you are still looking for some inspiration turn to your favorite fashion magazine, many of them have images from this springs fashion shows. 

  • Spring 2017 Colors

    Spring 2017 Colors!

    It's hard to think about spring time, especially when we are in a series of storms up here in Truckee. For us though, we are always looking ahead at incoming trends, and with spring around the corner, we thought we might share the colors that you are going to start seeing a lot of. 

    Check back for style trends that will be making an appearance this year. 

    If you have seen something somewhere that you love, please share!

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