Lets start with the basics- who is Mo, Jo & Zoe? Mo is daughter to Jo, who is daughter to Zoe. Mo is short for Melinda (that’s another long story…) and Jo is short for Jo-Anne.

Back in 2008 Mo and Jo were having fun and making jewelry- it was a great way to unwind from the day… therapeutic you might say. Zoe saw the “small fortune” of stones and supplies that Mo and Jo had started to collect, and urged them to do something about it. Mo and Jo had heard about an event called Truckee Thursdays in 2009. It was a new event in Historic Downtown Truckee, California that showcased local artist, music, and a farmers market. So, they got a little booth together and started selling their goods under the name Zoe Designs (grandma gave the push, so they named the jewelry after her). Truckee Thursdays lead to another great event- First Fridays which; at the time was concentrated in Brickletown (another great area in Historic Downtown Truckee). A couple of great stores put together an art showing every First Friday of the month- so Mo and Jo showcased and sold their goods every First Friday through the summer, and eventually joined Riverside Studios. Finally, they had a place to constantly sell their jewelry, and a workspace to create! This was a wonderful move- now they didn’t have jewelry supplies spread across their homes, and had a place to go create and sell their goods while being inspired by other great artists!

In 2010 Mo was finishing her business degree and had written a business plan for a women’s clothing store (it came naturally since she had worked in retail for 10 years). She pitched the idea to Jo, who thought it was great off the bat, which was a good thing since Mo was a little hesitant with the state of the economy. But like good moms do, Jo saw something awesome and pushed forward and urged Mo to stay on board and get the business going. So, they began shopping for a location and found one that suited them. The first spot was about the size of a large closet- it was perfect! Their landlord was amazing too- always a great thing. They opened their doors in May of 2010, and hit the pavement running!

Clothes were barely up on the wall and people were coming in to buy- it was a wonderful and motivating response. Mo and Jo stayed in their space until March of 2012, when they realized that they were growing out of their space- not to mention jewelry was spread across both their homes again- and it was becoming more clear that a workspace within the shop was needed. So, they began shopping for another space, and luckily they found something quick. They moved at the end of March 2012 and re-opened in their new location April 2, 2012. It was a scramble to say the least. Jo was inside the new “digs” painting the walls while Mo was running rolling racks across Historic Downtown.

The next Chapter of Mo, Jo & Zoe finally got started in October 2012. The web store was launched! Mo and Jo had been working on it for a while, but never seemed to find the time to really keep up with it- they were too busy working the store floor, and making jewelry for people. So, they got it together with the help of Small Pond Studios, and they hired 2 employees. It was very exciting to be able to finally hire help. Mo and Jo were very excited to finally launch the store, even though there were still some things to work through.

Mo and Jo continue to be inspired and motivated by the love of the Truckee Community, and continued patronage of customers. They enjoy seeing familiar faces and creating new relationships. Mo and Jo believe that it is about getting to know people, and it is always more fun to shop when you are catching up with an old friend. So, next time you are around Historic Downtown Truckee, California drop in and say “Hi”.

A big thank you to our amazing supportive community, and all our amazing customers!

Mo & Jo